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Friday Five | 07.28.17

We're working on the other half of our lower bathroom!! See the first half here

Layer rugs! It adds texture and character and can save money since typically jute rugs are cheaper. 

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Amazon Prime is basically a new parent's best friend at 3 am - my shipments have been arriving daily (sometimes, I can't remember what I've ordered!) Here are a few of my recent baby favorites

Woombie swaddle - pretty easy to put on our squirmy guy - I like that it zips from the bottom for diaper changes

Mamaroo - this works well if our little guy is already sleepy (though it goes pretty fast, I wish it was a little faster. Our little guy is pretty fussy) any other suggestions!? I've read good things about this swing, thoughts? 

Water Wipes (no yucky chemicals!) and Honest Diapers (these fit well, haven't had leaking issues, and are cute! Molly Suds Laundry detergent (no toxic chemicals like conventional baby detergent and fragrance free!) 

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  1. Wear your baby as much as possible. I didn't get a beco until my daughter was almost 1 and I regret it so much. She loved being held and I could never get anything done. A sling was awkward and I used a wrap until I got a good deal on a beco. I attended a babywearing class and it was life changing. Being a new mom is hard. Try to make other mom friends. And Frederick has amazing La Leche League leaders if you need help. xoxo

  2. Size small- I have several barefoot dreams cardigans and the robe all in small and I am a size 8 usually in dresses and small/ med in tops


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